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2011 9/24 Art Workshop with Kelly Harding/Felicia Rodrigues/Roma Mehta for Ayatal Children – The Wufong Project (Hsinchu Area)


WHAT AN AMAZING TIME! Please check here for more images!

Updated 9/23 with new timeline and meet up schedule!

Another great workshop grassroots project by Malinda Schultz (The Wufong Project) who brought us the fantastic Photo Workshop with Jeff Evans in August. If you missed out like I did, we have another chance later this month!

OBJECTIVE: The main idea of the Art Workshop is to teach the children art techniques so they can use it in everyday art activities. We want them to feel free so they can express themselves through a paint brush.
PROJECT: Yet another really fun and easy project that engages kids and does a world of good. You will participate in a workshop with kids, either you have something to share with them (please advise beforehand if you will bring your own art work) or assisting them in creating a masterpiece.

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? All people can participate in the workshop and if you have special talents for arts you want to share with the kids, it would be great!  Like Malinda’s previous workshop, translators will be on hand so the Level Proficiency starts at One! This is an activity for everyone and a great way to meet like-minded people and also get out of Taipei city and have hands-on involvement learning and helping the indigenous youth in Taiwan.

If you have art, bring art. If you have a camera bring one to document this great experience!

TaoShan Township, Wofong, Hsinchu County.

RUNDOWN 9/24 (Saturday)

9:00 am Meet at Taipei HSR.

9:30 am Catch the HSR to Hsinchu station
10:00 am Meet all of us at the Hsinchu HSR. We will arrange rides and get settled.
10:30 am leave for Taoshan
12:00 pm Meet at the Church and discuss the days workshop with all volunteers and get ready (please bring a small something to eat at this time…maybe we will have a fruit salad prepared for us!!!)
1:00-3:30 pm (roughly) Art Workshop
Introduction of all volunteers and Main Art teachers (what you are going to teach them)
Introduction of all kids

4:30: Last bus down the mountain to the HSR and for those heading back to Taipei or elsewhere, we’ll be grabbing this one or the one before!

Please email or check out to sign up. Ideally, please advise approximately two days before the event, 9/22 if you have to come along!


Feel free to check out The Wufong Project for images.

Atayal Tribe via Wiki
Kelly Harding/ Abstract Art

I chose expressionism/ abstract art to do with the kids because it could be so much fun, and no one has to be a talented artist to make something beautiful.

1. I would show the children a bunch of pictures I would have printed in colour, by a number of artists that became famous for their silly but beautiful abstract artworks.

2. I would demonstrate on a few pieces of paper a few of the techniques used to create visually stimulating and exciting pictures. Most importantly, I would stress that the key to a beautiful artwork is to relax and enjoy – let your minds and arms loose, and let your emotions spill onto the page as freely as you can. The most exciting thing about this type of art is that you have no idea what it will look like in the end, and the reason to paint it is not for the end product but for the incredible journey of painting it.

3. There are many fun tricks for making abstract artworks, and I would demontrate the techniques of Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko and the like.

4. I would give a quick demonstration on mixing colours, and what to avoid when painting – e.g. mixing different colours of paint and painting to much on one area so that the paper tears or becomes weak.

5. I would show the children how to stretch paper and explain why we do it. I would then help them to stretch their own paper.

6. I would get all the kids to stand up and shake themselves loose, and get them excited about creating a beautiful artwork – and then let the fun begin! I would go around helping and encouraging.

Felicia Rodrigues / Still Life

1. Start off with a brief introduction

2. Show some examples of drawn sketches of still life

3. Get the kids to go out and find an item that they would like to sketch

4. Teach them by leading by example. I’ll take a simple object, start with the outline and then how them how to use lighting, hence shading.

Roma Mehta / Group Painting Activity TBC


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