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2011 9/03 Photo Workshop With Jeff Evans for Atayal Children – The Wufong Project (Hsinchu Area)

Update 9/20 – Final Images HERE! Be sure to get in on the newest workshop with the kids on 9/24 at this LINK!

Also check out the VIDEO exposure!


Another stroke of good fortune I got to meet Malinda Schultz who is working on a project for an excellent cause.

OBJECTIVE is to raise money and awareness for the Atayal Tribe in TaoShan, Hsinchu County. She hopes to help them restore their culture and hope by renovating an old building into the village Community Center.

PROJECT is so easy and fun, you are in workshop with children and teaching them how to take photos, explain the lighting, subject, etc. Kids will be given a snapshot camera and notbook and record all the photos they take over the period of two weeks.

After two weeks, cameras will be collected and photos printed for the kids to put in notebook, a selection will be filtered and the best of the bunch to be framed! These framed photos will be sold at a venue with proceeds funding a Community Center for them!

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? All people can participate in the workshop and if you have special talents for arts or photography you want to share with the kids, it would be great! Translators will be on hand so the Level Proficiency starts at One! This is an activity for everyone and a great way to meet like-minded people and also get out of Taipei city and have hands-on involvement learning and helping the indigenous youth in Taiwan.

Recommended to bring your own digital camera to share in the experience, even your own art!

TaoShan Township, Wofong, Hsinchu County.

RUNDOWN 9/03 (Saturday)

7:00a – HSINCHU HSR Meetup This should be a convenient place for most people to meet when coming from cities around Taiwan.

9:00a – 10:00a: Arrival at the center, Mr. Jeff Evans will give a quick rundown of what miracle is about to take place.

10:00a – 12:00p: Photo Workshop with Jeff Evans

12:00p: At your leisure! Socialize with the kids, stay the weekend, go swimming, hot springs, hiking, etc! Lunch can be had for 100NT – if you want this deal, please let them know you are joining and also that you want this as part of the package so the kind ladies up there will also cook for you!

Feel free to check out the facebook page to join the event or shoot me an email and I’ll let Malinda know! It is pertinent you make contact before you join so we can make sure everyone gets to the center. If there are chances to travel with other participants that can be arranged too.

Some more info below:

Atayal Tribe via Wiki

The Lesson by Jeff Evans…

First, I’d like to emphasize how subjective photography is. Nobody is an expert on what is beautiful and what is not. There are some basic rules photographers use, but I think the real fun comes when you break all the rules and like a picture just because its you like it! You don’t need to be an expert photographer to help out for this workshop. Any basic digital camera will be fine. The most important thing is simply to encourage the kids and let them know how cool their pictures are. Jia you jia you! 加油加油!

I plan on bringing my computer and doing a short presentation of photos that use some basic principles. There will be translators to help explain. There will be 2-3 kids per volunteer and camera. For each point, each group of 2-3 would then spend about 5 minutes taking a similar picture. I’ve tried to think of things that don’t depend on special camera equipment or specific things happening at the site. I would be very happy to hear any ideas you have as well!

1. Horizon of thirds. Take a picture of the landscape with the horizon resting on about the top 1/3 or bottom 1/3 of the frame.

2. Fill the frame. Get close enough to an object so that the whole thing can’t fit in the picture. This could be something large like a building, or something smaller like a face.

3. Align frame with non horizontal / vertical. Find something in the frame that is not straight up and down. Tilt the camera to line up parallel with that object, rather than the typical perfectly squared up shot.

4. Diagonal, tilt the camera. Similar to number 3, but here no rules apply. Tilt as you like!

5. Frame in the environment. Find a natural “frame” to take a picture through. It could be an open door, an opening in a forest, the wheel of a bike, etc.

6. Texture / pattern. Emphasize the texture of the object by filling the whole frame with just that texture. It could be roof tiles, water, clouds, an interesting pattern on the ground, etc.

7. Action shot. Action! This could be anything. Running, kicking, throwing, playing music, etc. For the workshop I bet we could get any game going. Duck duck goose? Half the kids will play while the other half takes pictures of their friends chasing each other, then switch.

8. Worm’s eye / bird’s eye. Taken from above or below the usual eye level. Stand on a table and take a picture above your friends, or take a picture from hip and have the sky as your back ground.


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