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Volunteers Urgently Needed for Saturday Flea Markets – Animals Taiwan (Taipei Area)

Update 10/20 – Will be volunteering on 10/22 (full!), 10/29 and looking for volunteers throughout November Saturdays.

Update 9/20 – Images HERE! I’ll also be volunteering on Saturdays in October so look forward to seeing you there.

I had the good fortune to be involved this past Saturday at the Animals Taiwan flea market that took place in Tienmu circle and the organization desperately needs manpower.  There is really good potential at this event and since we are lacking in volunteers, it has really hindered progress for so much more we can achieve during the flea market!  They had to cancel one of the events earlier this month from a lack of volunteers.

I will also be at the one this coming Saturday on August 20th.

Volunteers that are needed every Saturday from 4:00-9:30pm (meet up at 4:00pm for set up, take down is around 8:30pm).  Drivers meet up earlier.

(1) At the booth we need at least 3 volunteers, if we bring a dog we need ideally two volunteers for each dog we bring (2 maximum).  Level ranges from One, Two, (if you are just caring for the dogs) to Three (communicating with potential buyers/donators).  Need about two volunteers at Level Three, the rest can be One or Two.  Being outgoing with a smile on your face is a bonus!



(1) If anyone knows of FREE PARKING SPACE on Saturdays near the area to park the AT van it would be so wonderful.  Otherwise the cost is 60NT and that would be about 300NT that could have gone to the furry creatures in the shelter.  This is better than us driving the van back and forth from center and saves on manpower as one person can drive the van over, park, and volunteer instead of needing drivers separately.

(2) Pretty donation settings, perhaps a clothes rack hanger as right now we are doing it 地毯 style and have very limited space.

(3) If you want to donate items other than 發票 (lotto receipts) or money, we would appreciate AWESOME things we can sell.  We already have a ton of smaller knick knacks but look forward to items that are extravagant which can command high prices to help our furry friends.  Items in working, clean condition appreciated. You can email me with your ideas and drop off at Tienmu that day while doing a bit of shopping.


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2 thoughts on “Volunteers Urgently Needed for Saturday Flea Markets – Animals Taiwan (Taipei Area)

  1. Hi,
    I’ll be moving to the Tienmu area at the end of October from Canada, wondering if you still needed volunteers at the booth for these events as it is about a 5 minute walk from where I will be living! My mandarin is still a little bit rusty but I can definitely understand and communicate at a basic elementary level. Please let me know!

    Posted by Angela | October 15, 2011, 1:00 pm

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