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Long Term Opportunity: Taichung PAWS Collection Boxes (Taichung Area)

For all those in Taichung, here is your chance and the group to start!

They are in need of collection/donation boxes and getting these out.  Your assistance in regards to this can come in several forms!

1. Funding of the boxes that cost around 7,500 NT each (every little bit helps)

2. 2-3 people to manage the boxes

(a) Placing them in a business (Taichung PAWS Michael Schram can assist with this task)

(b) Monthly collection of the box contents, dropping off the money and receipts to Mr. Schram or Ms. Tugwell

This is a great opportunity for someone who has a some time to spare to help animals as this requires minimal time.  Language Level One and I’m sure this is also very Pal Friendly as the organization seems to do all they can to assist with everything.  If you have any questions please contact them directly or let me know and I can ask for you.  Thank you!

Contact: volunteer@taichungpaws

About Taichung PAWS:

Taichung PAWS is a volunteer group dedicated to reducing the suffering of animals in Taiwan. We focus on animal welfare education, and the adoption and fostering of homeless animals. We believe that by working together sharing resources and information, we can make Taiwan a beautiful place for animals to live.


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