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Proficiency Level Three, Visually Impaired

2011 8/21 and 9/04 – Light & Salt Org Nature Outings in Shuang-Hsi 雙溪 (Taipei Area)

Light & Salt Organization is hoping that you want to get out of this concrete jungle and get back in touch with nature! They will be coordinating two gatherings with maximum participant of 18 for each day (8/21 and 9/04) to Shuang Hsi 雙溪!

Some photos from the internet here

The requirements is that you are aged 12 or above and able to vocally emote what you see and feel to some of the visually impaired travelers that are with you, so that they may share in your experience!  There will be a team leader on hand for each group.

There is a 1000NT cost per person. Payments can be paid in person or via the post office. Your payments will cover the trip transport, lunch of the standard 10 person 1 table eating style, bottled drinking water and a 2,000,000 NT accident insurance + 30,000 NT medical insurance coverage (please let me know if you are interested in trip and can secure exact details and confirmation)


07:30 Meet at Taipei Main Station Exit 3

08:00 Depatures

12:30 Shuang-Hsi Lunch

16:00 Happy, refreshed return to the city

17:30 Arrival at Taipei Main Station

Get to know Mother Nature again and respect her!

Proficiency Level Three required to communicate effectively and draw a world with your voice!

Contact information: +886 2-23711867


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