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Long Term Volunteer Opportunity – Animals Taiwan (Taipei Area)

Animals Taiwan is recruiting for long-term volunteers!  Variety of proficiency
levels are required, anywhere from Level One to Five.  I will be trying to
assist as a long term Flea Market Member so come out and join!
Remember that you can always help out at the AT center, walk dogs, clean
the space -- the ability to love and care has no barriers!

1)   AT Tien Mu Flea Market Team Member (Level Three)
Venue : Tien Mu roundabout ( close to Tien Mu Mitsukoshi department store)
Every Saturday from 4:00  pm- 9:30 pm
Selling second-hand goods to help raise funds for AT, raise awareness, increase donations. For more pics
click HERE

2) AT adoption team member (Level Three)
Take part in adoption events and adoption follow-up

3) AT  Reporter (Level One, Level Five)
Writing and editing for articles regarding rescue / TNR /adoption / stories / educational info
English or Chinese is fine, they can get this translated.
For example, I've just finished writing a personal story about my dog Buddy that I adopted when I was
a child, tears tears tears!

contact: or email me!

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