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Clothing Drive, Community, Indigenous People, Proficiency Level One

2011 8/1-22 Summer Clothing/Footwear Drive (Taipei Area)

Update on 9/20 – Success, over 600 items donated! Sorted this out about two weeks ago, sorry for the late update! See if you can spot two dogs in the image below 🙂

Image of all the usable items, getting ready to box 'em up!

Last three pickup spots!

8/24 Wed 9:30-12:30pm in Neihu/DaChi Area

8/24 Wed 7:30-8:30pm in Anhe Area (near Far Eastern Hotel)

8/28 Sunday 18:30-19:30 in Shida Area (Shida/Roosevelt Intersection at the Pearl Church)

I try to conserve on fuel so please try to make time available for the above! Please contact me immediately to handfulofsapphires (at)

Still in time for scalding summer!  I ship these down to Taidong to a church that assists with the indigenous Taiwanese population , especially teenagers so trendy clothes are very popular, and the pastor is always very grateful. I also filter out some clothes for Taiwan Peace Corps and our basis for this is currently trying to split first of all by age and climate appropriate.  If anyone knows a specific person in need I can also accommodate to have items sorted also.  For example one of my dad’s old buddies has daughters who wear similar size to me so I do take some stuff out for them too because they don’t have money for these luxuries (heartbreaking story).

Please donate usable, clean clothing.  I sort through each and every piece.  Deadline is August 22th or hold your britches until the next one in late November, hopefully that one will have Christmas items for kiddies.  Remember, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!

Language capabilities: Level 1, English is fine!  This is also a COMMUNITY activity so you can participate regardless of your visa status!

WHAT ITEMS What I am particularly interested in are:

1) Summer Clothes – shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.  Fashionable items would be great as the church has many teenagers!

2) CLEAN Blankets/bed sheets/thick rugs with no cotton stuffings – these are sorted out mainly for donation as bedding for animals to Animals Taiwan

4) All other types of clothes, especially business casual for interviews and work. Men’s clothing. NO undergarments please. NO used socks.

5) WEARABLE Sports shoes and flip flops


Joey has been THE MOST AMAZING the past few times in helping me with this, including letting me use her space, her being the best folder and sorter (i’m quite messy), being the one to let Hsinchu Transport pickup when I was gone in Shanghai, and even moving down the boxes 3 floors by herself when we transferred a few boxes to the Taiwan Peace Corps (also her contacts)!

1) Be a source of location for dropoff in your area

2) A sitter at a time TBC to wait for people to drop off clothes in Dongqu, peoples and monkeys with cars even more awesome for when we transport the clothes to the Pearl. I’ll buy you endless supplies of coffee!

3) Provider of huge boxes and such monkey tools like tape to close boxes

4) Provider of a 100 NT for boxing supplies and shipment of boxes down to Tainan

5) A person who gets the word out about the drive!

6) Anyone who wants to help sort through the clothes.

If you want to get these sent directly down yourselves let me know beforehand so I can give them a heads up The address would be: 康樂福音教會 台東市康樂路105巷49號

Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corp (English) (Chinese)

August 11th Update: Picked up my first donation!  From dear dear Sabrina who is the owner of a gorgeous feisty black poodle 🙂

August 23rd Update: Picked up items from good friend Louis! Picking more up tomorrow from Sara and Jed in Neihu!


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