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Pal Friendly, Proficiency Level Three, Visually Impaired

2011 8/1-30 – Light & Salt Org – Braille Textbook Creation for Students (Taipei Area)

Volunteer opportunity in Taipei through August 2011, Taiwan to assist the visually impaired! The times on this are very flexible so should I hope this works out for everyone who is here during this crazy summer heat.

Feel free to contact them directly at the number below. Otherwise, you can contact me and I can contact them for you. If you’ve got a group of people would be great too!

Thanks to Joey for sending this opportunity to me and I appreciate everyone who emails me with volunteer tasks like this so we can spread the word.

Language capabilities: Level 3 ability to speak and listen to Chinese instructions


Dear all who possess a caring heart for our blind citizens, I hope you are well!

For the first semester of this 2011 school year, we will be receiving the Braille textbooks this July 11th!

As the summer sun rays shines warmth upon us, let us also imitate this gesture in outreaching to blind students and be proactive in helping them better prepare for the upcoming school session. This way when school begins in September, they will be better equipped!

We welcome everyone to come help cut and paste items. For those who have fond memories of arts and crafts from their school years, we are especially grateful for your assistance.

Description: Construction and production of 3D/Braille publications
Time: Monday through Friday 10:00-18:00 ; Saturdays 9:00-17:00
We welcome you to come at anytime between those hours
Address: No. 2, 19F, Chungshan Road, Section 1 (close to Taipei Main Station Exit 7)
Telephone: 02-2371 1867

We welcome both old and new volunteers in coming together to help!

Light & Salt Organization for the Blind

Description in Chinese


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