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I have been active and involved in community service in one way or another since I was a teenager with interests in politics, animal rights, and assistance to the homeless. Having touched on a breadth of agencies that assist a variety of people in different stages in their lives ranging from troubled teens to the homeless and elderly, I know that we all need a helping hand at some point in our lives and this need is every day not just during the holidays or after a natural disaster strikes. Where the government has failed we must pick up the mantle and help ourselves and each other. When a voice is not heard, when a voice is drowned out by news heavily skewed in favoring celebrity gossip and economic development, we must unite together and amplify that single voice. I believe in a better world where we are actively engage in changing it for the better. We unravel our ties and chains to technology and help each other firsthand, getting over misconception of those we do not know, learn to understand each other, gain compassion, and why not — end wars?

I grew up in the States and moved to Asia almost a decade ago. My work experience began with a short PR internship stint in Beijing and marketing research for a multinational French FMCG in the China’s Guangdong Province.  From 2004-2009 based out of Taipei, Taiwan, I was a strategist in a media agency and then jumped ship to the client side, heading marketing in the Asia Pacific region for footwear brands in PR, branding, events inclusive of logistics in major cities from Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, to New York and Los Angeles, focused on music and art targeting the youth culture. The past year I moved away from mass consumer goods to niche luxury products, working for a local Taiwanese artist in global branding and business development of her exquisite fine jewelry series to New York, London, and Beijing.

Consumed with work, I still tried to develop foundations in each company I was at and institute a habit of donation and sponsorship of products to those in need.  For almost 3 years I have set up a small scale operation coordinating and arranging clothing for pickups, sorting, packing and shipment. The clothes along with toys and footwear are sent down to a church in Taidong whose members are predominately from the indigenous tribes; the past quarter I’ve also started funneling some of the donation to the Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps who frequent tribal areas providing medical care. I assist with what I can for animal rights as well, my family has also taken in foster animals and find them homes.

Besides the above I just try help out with what I can if a friend, acquaintance, or cause, should be trying to organize anything and needs a helping hand.  I meet so many people trying to do good in this world and just want to let others know about what humanity, in its dictionary definition, is doing to save the world and others! You can also help out and I hope this site becomes a useful tool and resource!


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